Justin on the Issues

We live in a great city and a great state, and we have incredible potential. Together, we need to address our budget, taxes, good paying jobs, social services, environmental protection, equal rights and affordable healthcare so that we can preserve our special quality of life.

After spending four years in the legislature, I've learned that to follow through with good public policy, you must stay focused. If re-elected, I will continue my work to improve education, create jobs, and make government more accountable and efficient.

Creating Jobs and Economic Development

To create jobs in Portland, Senator Alfond sponsored legislation to reduce the cost of insurance for Portland businesses, which allowed MEMIC, a Portland-based business, to grow their company and increase tax revenue (LD 606). He also updated captive insurance laws to attract new businesses and create high-paying jobs for Portlanders (LD 1436), and empowered Portland artists with a model contract for selling their art in galleries (LD 1062).

Improving Education

To strengthen Portland's educational system, Senator Alfond introduced a bill to make it easier for school districts to plan for heating fuel expenses (LD 806). He also worked to give school districts more flexibility in covering operating costs (LD 1493), and streamlined all online courses for Portland's high schools (LD 1446).

Making Government Accountable and Efficient

To ensure accountability, transparency, and efficiency in State Government, Senator Alfond sponsored a bill to transfer campaign finance reporting for municipal candidates to the State Ethics Commission, saving Portland money and increasing transparency (LD 1100). He also introduced a bill making it easier for children with developmental disabilities to get needed services more quickly (LD 489), and created reforms to better ensure that funds meant to help homeless youth are used for that purpose (LD 1127).